‘Our Union’

It’s has been a long journey.Our life hasn’t been easy.It has been full of twists and turns.At some point I never thought We will make it down the aisle…But baby here we are!

As We take our vows to officiate this union,Let it mark a new beginning. I just hope that we travel together in peace throughout this journey of life.

We hereby come before God to make a lifetime commitment.I hope You will honor your promise and stand by Me even in my darkest hour.

My love…From now henceforth, this union makes it ‘Our Life’ not ‘My life’ or ‘Your life’…For everything I do, it’s now part of your bussiness.I hope you make a good advisor.As for Me, I promise to lead You towards the right direction.

Even with your weaknesses…I see the value in You.For Everything you will ever wrong me..You still have my forgiving heart.Promise me that You will never give up on Me.Promise Me your Loyalty and live your lifetime proving your Love for Me.

Honey…This is our union.Let’s not invite friends in our world.Guard our secreats.We cannot afford another break up just because of people’s opinions.Am sure You know what I mean.

As this ring touches the flesh of your fingers.You are committed to Me…and I insist..Me alone.The battle of life that we are to fight together has begun.I know We are brave and We shall conquer together.

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‘Have Manners’

The ruthless rays of the sun have risen.It’s cold and misty.I leave the comfort of my bed and head to work.

Everything is perfect.Thing’s flow smoothly.Suddenly this girl walks in with stolen steps.My mood changes as her appearance destroys my aura.

She walks with noisy heels.As she pulls down her mini-skirt.Despite that,She shouts so loud that everyone notices she is in the building.

I get bored, am like who are you? What’s so special about you?Can’t you be calm and stop creating unneccessary tension? Everyone stares but none has the guts to confront her.

It seems we will be having a long day.She rushes to her crush and displays moments of intimacy.Both peers and superiors are watching yet she doesn’t find it embarrasing.

From time to time she walks around the room.She talks silly stuff to every man she comes across with.She behaves like a cow on heat searching for a bull.

She is trending ‘Yes’ but for the wrong reason.She thinks she is smart but presents herself like a dunder head.No proffessional will consider such a character.So better be humble and style up.

‘Kihere here nyingi acha’…Bitch, you’ve got to be humble.Beauty should come with brains.People don’t judge you from looks but according to how you present yourself.

You dont have to prove you are the best.Let your actions do the talk.No one belongs to a lesser God, So have manners and atleast style up!!

‘I Still Wait for You’

By the Ocean I sit.I take a stick and begin to draw an imaginary image of you.Just as am about to complete my art,the wind smoothly blows it away.

My happiness is gone.Am awakened from my moment of fantasy.I decide to walk by the shores,hoping that by chance I’ll get to see that lovely face again.

It has been miles now and darkness is slowly engulfing the blue skies.The musical sound of the birds cannot soothe my broken heart.The yearning to see You makes me restless.

I just wish to sleep.Maybe I could have a dream about you.Maybe I could see those wet cherry lips.Maybe I could feel the fire of your glowing eyes and atleast come closer to smell your fresh breath.Maybe I could have an opportunity to touch those contours of your hour glass body shape.

My eyes refuse to grant my wish.They faintly glow to the rhythm of my unfullfilled desires.So I decide to sit on a rock.As I rest,I ponder whether this love is giving me more pains than joy.

It doesn’t matter If I shiver from cold.It doesn’t matter if insects will bite me tonight.What matters to me most is you.Untill now I still wait for you!!

‘How I wish’

The moon is dim as the stars look bright.Darkness is slowly fading away.From a distace I watch the periodic burn of the meteorites.As time goes by I still have no peace of mind.

Am in a world of memories.My thoughts wallow in a pool of lost visions and ambitions.I feel cold and as my brain dances to the rhythm of my broken heart, my body get numb.

Though awake my eyes refuse to see the beauty of mother nature.Though physically fit, my heart is bleeding.How I wish you could be my physician.Maybe you could diagonise my illness and invent the cure once again.

I remember the first sight I had of you.Your beauty made me breathless.You made me restless I admit.Things happened too fast.I didn’t realize till the moment you were out of my sight.Oh! Poor me, I was silent.How I wish we could reverse that.I promise I could atleast have your contacts.

You were my lost rib.I could feel the connection.How did you slip away so fast?Where can I locate you in this vast, stuffy world? If I ever knew love could make me insane and cause so much pain with no gain, then I just wish I could forever be a child.

Mentally am fine but still sick.Let’s pray I don’t get mad.Let’s hope I forget you.Let’s hope I see your replacement.But wait!!…How I wish I never met you!

‘Strong Soul in A Weak Body’

I saw him calm lying on a mat.A number of houseflies were busy zooming around his weak body.The grey hair and the wrinkled face did not only show signs of old age but also told another story. A story of courage and resilience across the muddy path of life.

Despite the tear dropping scene,Wangamati slowly awoke from the mat.I could hear knuckles of his old feeble bones cracking.He never growled in pain.Deep in silence He was.

After about ten minutes of silence, Wangamati pointed an old rusty cup.I understood the signal.Slowly with care,I handed it over to him.I could see how the water travelled across his veins down the neck.Gulp after gulp he took with his hands shaking as the cup slowly exhausted it’s content.

Soon a sharp stare was on Me.I slowly took the cup with nervousness.The time to hear his story had eventually come.As I took out my notebook.I could not figure out what to ask.All the interview skills were gone.I was in a dilemma.All my life as a journalist,I had never experienced such a touching tragic scene of humanity.

I think he read my mind in a soft voice he started his story.He was once a young man with a bright future.He used to work in the army as a Leutenant Colonel.Fate connected him to Sarah who was the love of his life.They lived for 3 yrs without a kid but when Sarah conceived, She died at the last point of delivery.

Sarah’s death came with direct deployment to the battle field.As a patriot the love of his country could not let him stay home for months to mourn his deceased wife.As depressed as He was, Wangamati took the risk to join fellow comrades in the forest.The battle was wirld and bloody.The enemy was about to be overpowered.

Just as they were celebrating their upcomming victory, a landmine exploded taking the life of his other comrades.Wangamati was the only one who survived.Imagine being in a forest with no food or transport walking not knowing what the next second holds for you.But against all this, the old man was brave enough to make it to the barracks.

He took time to inform his superiors on what transpired.No one listened,instead he was accussed of being careless as they vowed to make him pay for the lives of all junior officers lost.He was imprisoned in the army prison with torchure twice a day.This happened consistently for 15 years.

He schemed a plan to escape the facility and later landed into casual employment.For the sake of cover he lived a secreat life.He never married as He kept morning her Sarah every night.And for every wind,He felt the warmth of his long gone hubby.

Friends neglected him.Since he was an orphan, he spent time living a lonely life.A life confined within himself.Now He was old.All that he ever worked for was gone.Imagine falling from greatness and spending all the days of your life in shame?Oh! what a pity.

Despite the old age and the harsh experiences this man had undergone.He didn’t even think to take his life.For every pain and every sharp hunger pain He experienced, Wangamati lied down in great silence.Never in his life would he beg.He was a strong soul in a weak body.From mud we were made and Wangamati knew He would back six feet under soon.

He told me that he awaited that moment.Maybe in the land of spirits,He could unite with his Sarah again and kiss her tender lips as they celebrate their re-union.

‘My Honest Opinion’

I have been on a sabbatical leave.Most of my time has been spent on studying the human race.Something concerning the youths has actually distracted my attention.Since expressing my factual convictions is more of a calling, I hereby offer my honest opinion on some pertinent issues.

Most girls will prefer to have a job before settling down for marriage. Unlike the olden days, there is a paradigm shift.For the girl child today, economic independance has been more paramount hence downplaying the marriage institution.

Every girl yearns for a ready made man.The obsession of fame and glamour has made our girls to marry ‘names’ instead of husbands.At the end of the day, there are many break ups and since everyone is independent people part ways.

Marriage has become a big joke.Blame games and cat callings are common.Some ladies call men umbwa.Advocacy after advocacy have prevailed.The number of associations formed are alarming.Mara Single mums associations,Mara Boss ladies not forgetting the vibrant slay queens who never get old.

Let’s set the record straight.What is the ideal age to get married?Should you be economically independent to get married?As for you, thats food for thought.On my side I disclose my honest opinion concerning the matter.

As long as you are an adult who has successfully completed the 8-4-4 system, You have the liberty to settle down early with a hardworking man.Settling down early gives you and your partner a chance to understand each other interms of character.You also work together in climbing the ladder of economic independance.

Despite the above advantages,You will have a chance to enjoy your sex life and fully participate together in parenting.If a girl marries at 25 years,She is likely to enjoy 20 yrs of love and intimacy from her partner before hitting menopause.It’s important to regard the fact that the longer a girl stays fighting for economic independance, the rapid the menopause age approches.

Economic independance is good for ladies.But we should appreciate that it alters a person’s decision in choosing a partner.Once a lady is economically stable, She will choose a marriage partners not on the basis of love but on the basis of what the partner has and how he can contribute in the money game.Look for genuine love while you are young.That time you cannot afford expensive jewellary, wigs and makes-ups.If a guy atakupenda ukiwa team natural then stick to that guy and nurture your love.

We need to stop living in a world of illusions and wake up to see the reality of life.Once mature, find a genuine partner, marry and together hustle your way up.Wealth is a blessing.No shortcuts or longcuts si tumeelewana jameni!!! That’s my honest opinion.

‘Have a Will to Win’

Name:YPSM Mdawida Juma Arnest

Church:Salvation Army (Vipingo Corp)

Sometimes we fail because we lack the urge to endure and win.An army general once said,”Don’t go to a battle if you dont have the will to win.Temptations should make you strong both physically and spiritually.

Luke 10:19 gives us the confidence on the protection we enjoy from God.We are given the mandate to conquer and overcome through Christ.We have the power to walk over snakes and scorpions yet assured our safety by God.

Brethren, you need to have courage and a will to win in order to overcome and prosper.David the son of Jesse defeated Goliath because of his everlasting faith in God.It’s through his courage and will to win that God manifested his power by granting him victory.

In the book of Samuel, Goliath mocked the isrealites for weeks.Saul’s army was terrified against the Philistines .1 Samuel 17:23 reveals that ‘all the men of Israel,when they saw the man,fled from him and were much afraid’.Saul and his army were in a battle but they lacked faith in the Lord that gives victory in war.

David came along to visit and supply food to his brothers.He was young and handsome.Everyone underestimated his ability to fight Goliath.Saul and his army believed that Goliath could only be beaten by someone who maybe was more muscular than him.

What they didn’t know is, it only required faith in God and the inside will to overcome the giant.David expressed his confidence in God and even refused all the heavy protection gears provided by King Saul.In 1 Samuel 17:36 David said, ‘your servant has struck down both lions and bears, and this uncircumcised phillistine shall be like one of them, for he has defied the armies of the living God.

That was a powerful statement expressing the great faith of David in God.It also revealed his internal desire to kill Goliath and save his people from shame.David approached goliath with only a sling and three stones.

The internal will to win did not make him listen to the threats of goliath.He did not panic that goliath was going to kill him by sword and give his flesh to the birds of the air.Will drove him to partake the challenge.According to 1 Samuel 17:45 he said “you come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.

The bible states that David’s stone struck goliath on the forehead and goliath fell on his face to the ground.The enemy had been prevailed not by sword but through a sling and a stone.

It takes a strong will to endure and overcome temptations.It takes a strong will to stand in christ and walk through the narrow path of salvation.We need to have faith in God and also the courage to endure and overcome all barriers through his Holy name.The Lord we worship and serve at the Salvation Army has the power to transform every weakness to strength.He can transform every challenge to opportunity.If David was transformed from Zero to hero, what about us?

Have the will to win and faith in God.The Living God shall never dissapoint you.It doesn’t matter how many enemies are up against you.It doesn’t matter the weapons they have against your life.Stand firm in worship, fasting and prayer.Just like David you will win.We are guaranteed in Deutoronomy 28:13 that We shall be the head and not the tail.Have the will to rise and go up.

Be blessed.

‘My Turn Will Come’

The day I set my eyes on you,I saw an angel.I didn’t find love.I fell in love.Although I met you by chance,I dont think that am ready to loose you.

Today am your happy prisoner.Entangled with your chains of affection.My mind is under infection.Only your presence can cure what I feel.

For every breath I take, I mention your lovely name.It’s like am in a sweet dream.How I wish to slumber on your arms forever!…Cover me from cold,… so I may feel your warmth.

You have endured and persevered my poverty.Look at how you sat on my sleeping mat in this empty room.Sometimes I wonder, Is it love that really holds you?

As you struggle to give me a good life.Beware of them.Whispers and rumours are spreading like fire.They say I dont deserve you.Some say am just after your money.

But honey…I believe our love is much deeper.I hope you do too.It’s just a matter of time.My turn will come .My poverty should not separate us.Life is a cycle with opposite phases.

I might not call you everyday,I might not afford those expensive flowers ,I might not be able to use all those fancy ways to potray my love to you…Understand it’s just for today but tommorrow I will.

My feelings for you are intact.I believe our love is genuine.’Ni mengi yatasemwa lakini mpenzi wapotezee tu!’.No condition is permanent,Iam working towards better days.

Mwaaaaa!!!…Love you to the Moon and Back!!!…’Miss you!

‘Just Keep it to Yourself’

Hello! The world is changing from hook ups to a break ups.Sweet moments of pleasure are now memories to treasure.Storms have shaken relationships causing instability.Nothing seems clear as before.

What’s the source of all this madness?Is breaking up the new trend?Take time to think about all the dreams and promises that are now shattered.Aki unaambia watu nini vyenye mnabreak na sote tunajua ni yeye?

All the pain faced today can only be avoided if we only choose, to keep it to ourselves.Whether your bae treats you well or not just focus on your affair and try to nurture your love.

Discussing the privacy of your relationship creates envy. They might seem to enjoy your story but deep down, they are like bitch…that could be me!

Your relationship soon becomes an agenda.Friends turn to back stabbers.Before abracadabra there is a fully fledged committee to advice you on how to deal with your matters of the heart.

That’s when a small disagreement escalates to a bigger argument.The committee is now working in transforming your relationship to a battle field.Free artillery and missiles get equiped into your head everyday.When the centre cannot hold, things fall apart.

Guy’s, It’s not all friends that like good things in your life.Avoid exposing too much about your relationship.Let matters of the heart be private ju kwenye mliokotana ni siri yenu tu!

Learn to avoid negative vibes and for every good moments you share with your bae just keep it to yourself.

Avoid third party opinions!!!

‘Go for the Jackpot’

It’s not about trying.It’s about getting it right.Dont place multi bets, just go for one sure bet.It’s easy to win the jackpot.But first you need an objective mind and patience.

A good wife is an investment.She will make you happy everyday.She is peace in times of war.Comfort in days of controvesy.She endures all in the spirit of forgiving and forgetting.

Let’s call her a jackpot.She is willing to understand your vision.With her you stand together and run from the same lane. She motivates you and helps you climb the ladder of success.

She spends wisely and works to earn income for the family.The days are gone when guys date broke girls.A real jackpot is open with her finances.She plans and implements with you.

When you have kids together,She transforms to a mega jackpot.She raises the kids with virtues.She is not overwhelmed by chores.She plans and has time for everyone.With a jackpot you wont feel neglected.

She pushes you closer to God. Spiritual growth is paramount.She is God fearing and dedicates everything to God.A good wife prays for her husband and family.

It’s important to take time in choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with.Usiendee urembo wa sura chunguza na wa roho pia.A bad wife is a burden.Don’t take the risk.

Just go for the jackpot and your love investment will bring the best return in your lifetime